[rescue] Hello and VAX 8600 for trade

Jeffrey S. Sharp rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 21 08:49:06 CDT 2001

Quoting Chad Fernandez <fernande at internet1.net>:
> I am on Classiccmp and Rescue, your gonna have a ton of email if you
> are on Geeks too!

I understand.  I once thought subscribing to classiccmp was madness.
Now I'm subscribed to *three* of 'em!

> I already am getting more email than I can fully read.

Me too.  However, many (most?) threads don't fit into my interest
area.  When either I get disinterested, it has a subject line like
"OT: My sock drawer", or Iggy starts posting, I just start pre-
deleting the thread.  That usually keeps the reading load minimal.

> I wish I had something to trade, I would love to have a BIG Vax.
> I'll have to settle with my MicroVax 34000 for now :-)

Well, if you ever see an 8/I, 11/70, etc. laying around, you know
who to call...

> You wouldn't happen to have any of the drive sleds for the R400X
> expansion chassis would you?

Nope, sorry.

Jeffrey S. Sharp
jss at ou.edu

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