[rescue] 670MP windfall in the surplus diving frenzy today.....

Dave McGuire rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 21 07:30:04 CDT 2001

On June 21, Greg A. Woods wrote:
> If you're refering to what I said about NetBSD's xsrc, remember that it
> is X11R_6_.3 that we're running, not X11R3.  I don't think I've used
> X11R3 for over a decade now.  I was running R5 before I switched to
> NetBSD even.

  I should have noticed that before I replied.  I apologize and stand
corrected...thanks for pointing that out.

  "NetBSD running X11R4" should have tripped all sorts of sanity check
alarms in my brain; I guess my thoughts were elsewhere.  Sorry all.

          -Dave McGuire

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