[rescue] RSM2000 controller

Richard S.Riess rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 20 22:12:08 CDT 2001

I have four of the OSM3000 array trays that come with the A3000/RSM2000 =

but I did not inherit the controller with them. =20

I am trying to track down an RSM2000 controller for these or figure out =

some way to make them work with a third party (IBM ServeRAID) controller=
 The trays seem to be slightly different than the Unisys (the real=20
manufacturer) documentation states in that there is only one 68 pin=20
connector and no way to terminate them.  I would assume the RSM2000=20
controller provides the termination, however, my current IBM controller =

does not support this.

In short, does anybody either have an RSM2000 controller for sale, know =

where I can get the proper Unisys (OSM1000) IO boards, or know if the=20=

(Sun modified) OSM3000 trays can be used with other controllers and if s=
which one(s)?

I'd really appreciate any help you can offer.


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