[rescue] FDDI vs switched 100BaseTX, vs SPARC LX

Loomis, Rip rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 20 21:36:08 CDT 2001

This is actually two separate questions.  First
the ObSun:
Any magical incantation that I can use to get the
le0 interface on my LX at home (running Solaris 7)
to work correctly when connecting to a 100BaseTX
switch (which wants to negotiate 100Mbps full
duplex?)  Cabling all works, and box gets
connectivity if I plug it into 10Mbps hub and then
run a crossover from that to the switch, but
that's a waste of a hub as all my other boxes
at home now have 100BaseTX interfaces--I'd at least
like to get a 10Mbps half-duplex switched
connection going, and right now I'm afraid I
have to log into the switch and force that
port down to 10Mbps mode.  Comments?

Secondly, back when I wanted to play with FDDI
I didn't have either the cash or the time...I
still don't, but I'm curious.  Given that I've
already got a fully-switched 100BaseTX backbone
at home, is FDDI really worth playing with, perhaps
for the LX and other older boxen that might come
live in my basement?  Anyone have a favorite
methodology/program to benchmark my existing
setup to see if I can really get 200Mbps sustained

(If it wasn't obvious, the latter was prompted
by Dave and others who always seem to favor
FDDI, and my curiousity finally getting piqued


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