[rescue] Vax BSD SMP

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Wed Jun 20 20:49:13 CDT 2001

mcguire at neurotica.com writes:

>  Yup.  And the world is full of morons who, when they hear the word
>"VAX", they think some huge, old, slow, obsolete thing that's only
>capable of running VMS.  That is SUCH a huge pet peeve of mine.  It's
>right on up there with the "company XYZ was bought, therefore they
>no longer exist" way of thinking.

When I hear "VAX" I think either VAX-11/780 (because that's The One
To Have if you're a collector) or vaxstation-3100s, cuz that's what
I've got piles of, at home and at work.

Seriously though - when I hear about current VAXen, I immediately
think "chip fab line".

On the other hand, when I hear "PDP-11", I think "nuclear reactor".

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