[rescue] 670MP windfall in the surplus diving frenzy today.....

Dave McGuire rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 20 20:26:36 CDT 2001

On June 20, Greg A. Woods wrote:
> >   It seems theoretically possible to write an X protocol extension to
> > support this, though.  There'd have to be a message sent from the
> > server to the client requesting a "screen" change, after which the
> > client would drop the connection and reestablish it on the other
> > screen's port.  Some provision would have to be made for maintaining
> > the client's current state, perhaps through maintaining the X client
> > id across the two connections.
> I suspect Xinerama is the better solution.  (Originally DEC called it
> XPanoramiX, but it was first shipped as Xinerama in X11R6.4 and is also
> now in XFree86-4.x.)  Several people have claimed they've had it working
> with Solaris (including up to Solaris-8), so it might just work with
> NetBSD too.  The only major constraint is that all screens have to be
> set at the same colour depth.

  I haven't looked at Xinerama (not running R6.6 here)...either
they've implemented what I've described or they've managed to merge
multiple screens into one virtual screen on a single TCP port.
Either way that would be great functionality!

            -Dave McGuire

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