[rescue] GSOD (green screen of death) on DEC Multia

Robert Novak rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 20 17:20:33 CDT 2001

I websearched for this, but can't find anything useful. I have a DEC 
Multia VX40 at home, and when it boots I get a light green screen with a
cursor at the lower left corner... nothing more. On the 17" at home the
screen rolls like a 70s television.

I got a new one at a local auction today, booted it into the ARC firmware,
changed it to OSF SRM and it gave me the same result (green screen). I'm
using a Sun 21" aperture grille monitor, and it doesn't roll...

Oddly enough, I left it powered off for a while and it came back up to ARC
Multiboot. Dead battery? Any other ideas?


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