[rescue] Would an Ultra 30 w/300 MHz CPU and 128 Meg RAM make a nice works tation?

Ken Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 20 16:37:09 CDT 2001

IIRC, they have dual SCSI chains, lots of uni-processor expandability, etc.

I have an opportunity to get one or two at a real good price (IMHO), am simply awaiting a quote on S/H before I commit.

System description: (all Sun bits)

	Base Chassis (obvious)
	300 MHz 2 MB cache CPU
	128 Meg RAM
	4.2 Gig HD

(What would be an appropriate framebuffer to run in this box, and what would it cost?)

Price is *well under* $500 to me.

I am assuming this would blow away an Ultra 1/170e w/Creator graphics at 25% less than the Ultra 30, right? (I'm not familiar with PCI vs. SBUS comparisons)


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