[rescue] WTB: SGI

Björn Ramqvist rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 20 16:35:46 CDT 2001

Mike Meredith wrote:
> > Impact graphics is nice. You can expand it with TRAM to get hardware
> > texture capabilities (High Impact) and later pop in another board
> Are you sure you can upgrade a SolidIMPACT with TRAM's to get texture
> support ? I've never seen anything that implies this and it would be an
> interesting upgrade for one of my SI's.

After a little research; no. I was wrong. It is possible on the SI
(SolidImpact) on the Octanes, but not on the Indigo2 boards. Next step
would be HighImpact.

> > If you're lucky you can get 100mpbs networking with a 'Phobos' card,
> > a 3Com Fast Etherlink EISA with special PROMs (although a bit
> If you're even luckier you'll find the recipe that makes the Phobos
> driver work with a standard 3com (but I've only ever heard rumours of
> this).

I've heard rumours about some germans on EFnet (#sgi?) who are trying to
copy PROMs. There should be atleast some information about this "hack"


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