[rescue] 670MP windfall in the surplus diving frenzy today.....

Joshua D. Boyd rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 20 16:12:45 CDT 2001

I didn't know that NetBSD did multi head stuff.

Joshua Boyd

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Dave McGuire wrote:

> On June 20, BSD Bob the old greybeard BSD freak wrote:
> > OK, with some trepidation, I lugs meself away a sort of 670MP box,
> > today, from the surplus feeding frenzy diving pit.
>   Have no trepidation, my friend.  The 4/600 is, in my opinion, the
> finest piece of hardware Sun has ever produced.  Run it with pride.
> > It appears to have a Ross CYM6002K addin board of some kind (6 hat
> > chips on it plus two surface mount chips), and is full of 501-1739
> > ram sticks.  No cabling was present.  One drive is left, and a slow
> > single-speed cdrom (full height) is present (will this work on my
> > older 3/xxx machines?).
> > 
> > 1.  What speed/rating is this cpu?
>   It's probably an SM100...an utter piece of trash.  Sell it on eBay
> and pick up an SM41 for a few bucks.  It will perform much, much
> better.  An SM100 is an early dual 40MHz cacheless processor.  An SM41
> (also at 40MHz) will kick its ass up and down the street.
> > 2.  What is the Ross thingie, and is it good for much?
>   The Ross thingie is the processor module.
> > 3.  What cable is needed to hook back up into the internal box
> >     drive cabling system (I am assuming a small HD50 cable of
> >     some sort.
>   A regular HD50 cable should do the trick...the other end will need
> to be an HD50 or a DB50 depending on the version of the box you've got.
> > 4.  What SunOS levels will run on it, although I will probably load
> >     up NetBSD if possible.
>   It's a sun4m machine...I don't recall when support for them was
> introduced, but I've run SunOS4.1.4 on lots of them.  They should also
> run recent Solaris (up to what release I'm not sure)...but
> NetBSD/sparc runs REALLY well on them, and is an absolute pleasure to
> use on that hardware.
>   Picture this.  Take that 4/600 board out of the '70 box and put it
> into a 3-slot (4/110-style) box.  Put two CG6 framebuffers in it,
> running to two big 20" tubes.  Pick up an SM61 and slap it on the
> board.  Load up NetBSD.  That makes for one really nice workstation!
>               -Dave McGuire
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