[rescue] 670MP windfall in the surplus diving frenzy today.....

Rob rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 20 15:52:30 CDT 2001

In message <200106202001.QAA01713 at weedcon1.cropsci.ncsu.edu>, BSD Bob the old g
reybeard BSD freak writes:
>OK, with some trepidation, I lugs meself away a sort of 670MP box,
>today, from the surplus feeding frenzy diving pit.

Cool, I just bought one too.. a nifty thing to do with 'em is to disabled use 
of the vme bus, and you can stick multiple main boards in the chassis for up 
to 6 independent computers.  The only thing is I'm having trouble finding 
parts to do so... I've mailed about 6  different places on the web trying to 
find boards and get quotes, and *not one* of them has gotten back to me.

Where did you get you 670?  

- Rob

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