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> Did find some interesting things though.  Many presidents can trace their
> lineage to past european royalty

As can most Caucasians.  Ye Olde Kinges kept plenty of mistresses, and
even if they'd never played away from home it still isn't surprising.

And if you assume each generation is 25 years, go back 400 years and
you have 16 generations.  If each produces three brats, that's
43 million descendants.  From just *one* ancestor.  Of course, the
figures will be somewhat lower because of things like those descendants
intermarrying, some of them not sprogging and so on, but they do show
that it's really not surprising.

ObGenealogy: I think my grandfather traced my ancestors back to some time
in the fourteenth century.  I disremember whether any of my good peasant
ancestors allowed the bloodline to be polluted with inferior royalist

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