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No big deal, but I would have thought it was someone other than Barbra
Dole - wasn't she the head of the Red Cross at the time?

Just curious...


(Oh, and most states have a blood alcohol content of 0.08%, down from 0.10%
as of about a year or two ago... that is something on the order of two -
three drinks for an average grown-up, IIRC. see
http://www.madd.org/stats/impairment.shtml for better info, albeit, a bit
biased, IMHO)

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> On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, P.A.Osborne wrote:
> > At the Unis here its normally a case of 17-18 yr old lad/ettes escaping
> > mum and dad and going out and getting a tad rat-arsed.  To be honest in
> > erm six years I have been at UKC I havent heard of anyone dying from
> > alcohol poisoning.  I am not saying that people dont get really ill etc
> > most young people will experiment and do.   However I guess that we
> > havent quite got the same trigger happy lawsuit culture.
> Lucky you. :)
> > I have to honest and say that I think its outrageous that parents can
> > a school/uni for their child getting alcohol poisoning.  At least over
> > here the parents have the sense to kick the childs arse - if they
> > if they even find out most will just say "well you wont do that again".
> > But then we can go out and consume alcohol at 18 - so its deemed out own
> > fault.
> >
> > Out of interest whats the legal age for permitted alocohol consumption
> > in the US?
> I think every state is 21 now....  The legal drinking age for the US is a
> little sketchy.  Sometime in the 80's, Elizabeth Dole (saw her speak once
> in person, god is she creepy) decided to spearhead a campaign to make 21
> the national drinking age...  except that the federal government doesn't
> exactly have constitutional control over than one, so federal law states
> that if the drinking age is less than 21 for any state, they don't get
> federal money for transportation (e.g. road maintnence). (sound a little
> coercive?) A few states tried to resist (e.g. Louisiana), but I think they
> all gave up and went for the $$$ in the end.
> -- Sam
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> repetitive music.
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