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Sam Creasey rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 20 04:18:48 CDT 2001

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, P.A.Osborne wrote:

> At the Unis here its normally a case of 17-18 yr old lad/ettes escaping
> mum and dad and going out and getting a tad rat-arsed.  To be honest in the
> erm six years I have been at UKC I havent heard of anyone dying from
> alcohol poisoning.  I am not saying that people dont get really ill etc
> most young people will experiment and do.   However I guess that we
> havent quite got the same trigger happy lawsuit culture.

Lucky you. :)

> I have to honest and say that I think its outrageous that parents can sue
> a school/uni for their child getting alcohol poisoning.  At least over
> here the parents have the sense to kick the childs arse - if they bother,
> if they even find out most will just say "well you wont do that again".
> But then we can go out and consume alcohol at 18 - so its deemed out own
> fault.
> Out of interest whats the legal age for permitted alocohol consumption
> in the US?

I think every state is 21 now....  The legal drinking age for the US is a
little sketchy.  Sometime in the 80's, Elizabeth Dole (saw her speak once
in person, god is she creepy) decided to spearhead a campaign to make 21
the national drinking age...  except that the federal government doesn't
exactly have constitutional control over than one, so federal law states
that if the drinking age is less than 21 for any state, they don't get
federal money for transportation (e.g. road maintnence). (sound a little
coercive?) A few states tried to resist (e.g. Louisiana), but I think they
all gave up and went for the $$$ in the end.

-- Sam

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