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P.A.Osborne rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 20 03:21:17 CDT 2001

On Tue, Jun 19, 2001 at 01:50:22PM -0500, Chad A. Chance wrote:
> And those particular words are used ALOT in these here parts. I have heard
> of many a lawsuit against schools becuase of deaths of students by alchohol
> & drugs. The government here doesn't really classify you as an adult until
> you are 24 if you are a student, so the parents seem to think the school
> should be a babysitter. For most college freshman students, their first
> exposure to booze and drugs si during their freshman year, it's also the
> first time they haven't had mommy & daddy looking over their shoulder, so
> they get completly toasted and many times get alchohol poisoning &/or OD. SO
> then naturally the parents immediatly think SUE....
> Man, sometimes I hate America/Americans...


At the Unis here its normally a case of 17-18 yr old lad/ettes escaping
mum and dad and going out and getting a tad rat-arsed.  To be honest in the
erm six years I have been at UKC I havent heard of anyone dying from
alcohol poisoning.  I am not saying that people dont get really ill etc
most young people will experiment and do.   However I guess that we
havent quite got the same trigger happy lawsuit culture.

I have to honest and say that I think its outrageous that parents can sue
a school/uni for their child getting alcohol poisoning.  At least over 
here the parents have the sense to kick the childs arse - if they bother,
if they even find out most will just say "well you wont do that again".
But then we can go out and consume alcohol at 18 - so its deemed out own 

Out of interest whats the legal age for permitted alocohol consumption
in the US?


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