[rescue] SPARCstation 2

Ken Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 19 22:28:45 CDT 2001

In a nut shell, "no."

It is a fine machine, but for $200 you can do *much* better with an SS/20 or
an SS/10.

I recently got an SS/20 w/dual SM-71s, 64 Meg RAM and a TGX, along with a
country kit from bill cooke for about $250.

SS/5-170s w/4 Gig HD, 64 Meg RAM and TGX can be gotten for about $200 from
supersellers.net, and 32 Meg RAM is about $20 or so a DIMM...

You can get a bare SS/5-85 for $35 at http://www.compsyscon.com/prod05.htm

My advice, do not invest a dime in the SS/2 - just marvel at what can be
done with minimal hardware... Do you have 64 Meg of RAM already? Bump up the
RAM and stop spending money on.

If you feel the need to spend money, buy a good framebuffer (a TGX say) and
a nice big monitor (19" or so), then plan on moving them to your next

I may be selling my SS/10sx in the near future, and it will be close to $200
w/7x 16 Meg RAM and dual SM-51s. That will be a nice system and a large
upgrade from your SS/2...


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    I recently got a SPARCstation 2, as I mentioned a short while back, and
was wondering whether it is worth the 200$ to fully upgrade this thing.  I
was thinking of bumping it up to the full 64mb of RAM plus the 64mb daughter
card, and a PowerUP processor upgrade.  Would such a machine be powerful
enough to run as a OpenBSD workstation (console, no windowing system)?  I
realize that in all likelyhood that 200$ would be better spent on a 586
machine, but I would like to replace my current Athlon with something a
little more reliable (and quite) then x86 hardware.
    Zach Malone

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