[rescue] BIG haul of DEC docs!

Bill Bradford rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 19 21:11:30 CDT 2001

I just got an incredible haul of DEC docs in the mail.  Once I 
get through scanning these and putting them up as .pdf's on 
DECDOCS.ORG (which I just registered), the actual handbooks, etc,
themselves will need a good home, and I dont have space for them - 
but I refuse to toss stuff like this away.  I'd like to trade them
for other DEC PDP stuff if possible.

So, if anybody's interested, please let me know.  I'll be done 
with these in a month or so, assuming I get plenty of time to 
use my scanner.

The list:

Everything is in "Good" or better condition, given some yellowing
of the pages due to age, of course.  Only one of the handbooks has a
torn cover, and its only slightly dog-eared.

Year	Title
69	Digital Logic Handbook
70	Digital Logic Handbook
70	Laboratory Computer Handbook (PDP-12) (x2)
70	PDP-8/E Small Computer Handbook
71	PDP-8/E & 8/M Small Computer Handbook
71	PDP-11/45 Processor Handbook
72	PDP-8 Programming Langugaes Handbook
72	Microcomputers and Memories
72	Logic System Design Handbook
72	PDP-11/40 Processor Handbook
72-73	PDP-11/45 and 11/50 System Maintenance Manual
73-74	Digital Logic Handbook
75	PDP-11/70 Processor Handbook
75-76	LSI-11 PDP-11/03 Processor Handbook (x2)
75-76	Digital Logic Handbook
76	RK11-D & RK11-E Moving Head Disk Drive Controller User's Manual
76	DR11-C General Device Interface (x2)
76	PDP-11 Software Handbook
76	PDP-11/34 Processor Handbook
76	PDP-11 Peripherals Handbook
76-77	Digital Logic Handbook
77	PDP-11/60 Processor Handbook
78	PDP-11 Processor Handbook (04/34/45/55/60)
78	Microcomputer Processors
78	PDP-11 Peripherals Handbook
79	RSX-11M System Generation and Management Guide
81	VAX Architecture Handbook
83	Cables: Handbook for the System Builder
83	PDP-11 Software Source Book Vol. 1: Application Software
83	PDP-11 Software Source Book Vol. 2: Systems Software
83	RSX-11M Mini Reference (in mini binder)
83-84	Micro PDP-11 Handbook
84	ULTRIX Software Guidebook
88-89	Software Handbook

Year	Title
82	DECdirect Spring
84-85	DECdirect Winter
87-88	DECdirect Plus Summer/Fall
88-89	DECdirect Plus Summer/Fall
88-89	DECdirect Plus Winter/Spring
85-86	DECdirect Plus Fall/Winter
84	Add-Ons and Upgrades

83	(May) Emulex Controller Handbook: Communication and Peripherals

The Software Dispatch Review (bug reports):
Year	Title
1974	RSX-11D (Sep, Oct, Dec)
1975	RSX-11D (Jan, July)
	RSX-11D V6A (Oct)
1976	RSX-11D V6B (Jan)
	RSX-11D / IAS (Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec)
1977	RSX-11D / IAS (Jan, Feb, Mar, May, July, 

Bill Bradford
mrbill at mrbill.net
Austin, TX

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