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There are some of us in America that hold self responsibility and 
conservatism to heart y'know :).  I have to agree, it seems more and more 
that the US is becoming one big Jerry Springer show.

Alas it is a comfort to me that the only way they will get mine is when 
they pry it from my cold dead fingers!  Alot of citizens of other countries 
have already lost even that.  This is also why the UN troops in the US is 
such a laugh to me, they wouldn't last a fortnight.


At 01:50 PM 6/19/01 -0500, you wrote:
>And those particular words are used ALOT in these here parts. I have heard
>of many a lawsuit against schools becuase of deaths of students by alchohol
>& drugs. The government here doesn't really classify you as an adult until
>you are 24 if you are a student, so the parents seem to think the school
>should be a babysitter. For most college freshman students, their first
>exposure to booze and drugs si during their freshman year, it's also the
>first time they haven't had mommy & daddy looking over their shoulder, so
>they get completly toasted and many times get alchohol poisoning &/or OD. SO
>then naturally the parents immediatly think SUE....
>Man, sometimes I hate America/Americans...
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> >>Again, I really don't see that it is the university's problem if a student
>gets killed because they're intoxicated.  Is it the university's problem
>if I overdose on sleeping tablets?  Or on smack?  Or if I have a traffic
>accident on-campus whilst under the influence of $other_recreational_drug?<<
>My UK-Based Friend, you may not understand the dark fear that comes over
>people in the US (at least those with fiduciary responsibilities) when the
>words'lawsuit', 'lawyer' and 'class action' are bandied about.
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