[rescue] HD recommendations

Björn Ramqvist rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 19 09:31:48 CDT 2001

G W Adkins wrote:
> > Oh come on,
> >     With SCSI, you have to go Seagate, they almost always have the fastest
> > drives on the market the most rapidly (They were the first with 7200,
> 10000,
> > and 15000 rpm drives as I recall), and I have never had one fail.
> Yeah, they also have those drives thicker (1.6"), pricier, noisier and
> hotter than IBM's equivalently sized drive released 3-9 months later.
> If you want cutting edge, yeah, go seagate.
> If you want reliable, cool, quiet, low-profile commodity drives, go IBM.

Perhaps because I'm on the other side of 'the pool' I've not been that
lucky with IBM's.
My peecee at work failed upon me, twice, cause of crashed 6.2/8.4GB IBM
(IDE) drives within two years. Tried both 7200 rpm and 5400 rpm, but
they don't seem to cut it. (nothing special, just ordinary day-to-day
I have to admit that my IBM DNES-309170W drive in my Linux-box hasn't
failed yet since I powered it up 1.5 years ago.

Although, IBM is not alone with releasing cooler, quieter, lower-profile
commodity drives. Seagate do that too after a couple of
months/half-a-year/year. Infact, Seagate lower-end high-capacity IDE
drives and Fujitsus "Silent drive" are waaay quieter than any of my
IBM-drives on my desktop. Quantum made the "LCT-series" (Low Cost
Technology, pfwaah!) drives which was quiet too, but my prefered
favourites must be Seagate and Fujitsu at all times.
Technology evolves and the fanciest high-end drives will always be SCSI
(or perhaps FC).

And no, I haven't even touched Maxtor or Western Digital for years.


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