[rescue] RE: Small schools...

Brian Hechinger rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 19 09:11:18 CDT 2001

On Tue, Jun 19, 2001 at 07:38:27AM -0400, Ken Hansen wrote:
> Well, when the drinking age is 21, and the average student enters school
> when they are 18, that they allowed any acohol on campus was very, um,
> permissive. More permissive than my parents would have been at the time. You
> know, the law, liability, etc. At the same time I "suffered" under this
> treatment, "frat bots" were drinking themselves into stupors that caused
> them to think that they could jump off a third-story balcony and not get
> hurt (they were) and some "party girls" to drink themselves into comas from
> alcohol poisoning.

but do they make up the entire spectrum of people? others are a little more
responsable (not me though, heh, although years later i'm starting to figure
it out sorts)

> Do you really need more than six beers in your dorm fridge at any one time?

of course you do.

> Do you really need a well-stocked bar in your dorm room?


> I thought you were there to study...


> This was really a policy that was only actively enforced when there were
> other problems - the campus security didn't do suprise inspections...

i think the fact that you were allowed to have alcohol in your DORM ROOMS speaks
volumes.  i went to PSU.  billions of students, tons of huge frats, and i was
_NOT_ allowed to have alcohol in my dorm room.  but then of you wanted to drink
you went to one of the 200 bars in town or one of the frat houses.

> I really didn't mind at all, few else did at the time (1985 era).

if it worked, then somebody made a wise descicion in choosing that policy.


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