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[lets take this to geeks]

"Ken Hansen" <n2vip at bellatlantic.net> wrote:

> Well, when the drinking age is 21, and the average student enters school
> when they are 18, that they allowed any acohol on campus was very, um,
> permissive.

Presumably this is only a problem for the university if they explicitly
permit it.  So surely it would make sense to not mention it at all.
of course, IANAUSL (or indeed a L of any kind).

>            More permissive than my parents would have been at the time. You
> know, the law, liability, etc. At the same time I "suffered" under this
> treatment, "frat bots" were drinking themselves into stupors that caused
> them to think that they could jump off a third-story balcony and not get
> hurt (they were) and some "party girls" to drink themselves into comas from
> alcohol poisoning.

Again, I really don't see that it is the university's problem if a student
gets killed because they're intoxicated.  Is it the university's problem
if I overdose on sleeping tablets?  Or on smack?  Or if I have a traffic
accident on-campus whilst under the influence of $other_recreational_drug?

> Do you really need more than six beers in your dorm fridge at any one time?

It's cheaper to buy them in cases of 24, so yes :-)

> Do you really need a well-stocked bar in your dorm room?

It's quite nice, yes.  I generally like to have a couple of bottles of red
wine, a couple of white to choose from; then a bottle of whisky (actually,
several different bottles so I can choose whatever is appropriate to go
with my mood/meal/cigar), some vodka, some port, and a nice selection of
beers, some cider and maybe a bottle of mead.

> I thought you were there to study...

Having the odd drink doesn't prevent that.

> This was really a policy that was only actively enforced when there were
> other problems - the campus security didn't do suprise inspections...

Oh so that makes it alright.  Imagine the outcry if $outrageous_law was
put on the statute books "but we won't enforce it".

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