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Joshua D. Boyd rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 19 08:10:28 CDT 2001

Eee.  Texturing is so strong on the O2, that if that is your main use,
don't be too quick to pass it up.  Personally, for some tasks (like
having 5 1.2meg layers and a bunch of sprites), 5megs of texture ram is no
where near enough. =20

Joshua Boyd

On Tue, 19 Jun 2001, [iso-8859-1] Bj=F6rn Ramqvist wrote:

> Dave McGuire wrote:
> >=20
> > On June 18, nick at snowman.net wrote:
> > > I've seen an SI octane for 1195 or so, 195mhz 256 or 512meg.  Only pl=
> > > the i2 beats it is textureing, and pick up a tex module for 875/2 (so=
> > > was selling two brand new octane tex modules for 875, gah I need
> > > cash).  Once that is done kiss the i2 g'bye.
> >=20
> >   Nope, sorry Nick...benchmarks say otherwise.  See below.  Reprinted
> > from http://www.futuretech.vuurwerk.nl/gfxtables.html.  Granted I'm
> > comparing I2 MaxImpact with OctaneSI (the equivalent of SolidImpact)
> > but the I2 MaxImpact goes for $800 and the OctaneSI goes for $1100-1200=
> Ofcourse, you can't compare an I^2 MaxImpact (which is maxed out with
> 1/4MB TRAM, 2GEs and 2 REs) with a pure Solid Impact Octane (which have
> no TRAM, only 1 GE and 1 RE). That's like comparing apples with pears!
> :-)
> Even if you put 1 or 4 MB TRAM on the Octane/SI, you're still limited
> with just one RE, which explain the benchmarks.
> Compare I^2 MaxImpact with Octane/MXI and you're definitly comparing
> apples with apples. :-)
> But then again, price-wise that will blow a hole in your wallet.
> If you want to do even more studies between the systems, things like
> memory-limits, I/O-subsystems, expansion, etc, etc, should be in count
> and I'm confident that GIO-64 (Indigo2) won't last long in competition
> with XIO (Octane).
> So, we all can be pretty sure about two things;
> If you need texture/3D: go for Indigo2 MaxImpact
> If you need anything else: go for Octane/SI
> ...right? :-)
> /Bjorn
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