[rescue] WTB: SGI

Robert Rose rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 19 03:30:15 CDT 2001

 >had an Indigo2, upgraded to an O2 (R5K/180), and promptly (ahem)
 >upgraded back to an Indigo2.
Hmm, so the base model O2 I got offered for $US350 probably isn't an 
attractive deal when stacked against my existing R44k Indy?  Probably best 
to wait for Octanes to come down in price huh?


PS. The LX I ranted about a while ago here looks like it's un-rescue-able, 
it just won't boot and nobody was able to offer any advice on getting it 
going.  I guess my multia will appreciate the extra memory.

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