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Bill Bradford rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 18 23:06:45 CDT 2001

On Mon, Jun 18, 2001 at 10:51:25PM -0500, ward at zilla.nu wrote:
> The best (but not fastest) SGi for which I've been admin was a 4D/480,
> an 8 x R3000 with 512MB.  It was in the 'predator' case, which is the
> big refrigerator one.  Only had VGX graphics, but I still enjoyed it.
> It eventually became a backup server for amanda.

We had a 4D/220 GTX "twin tower" system at the same place that had
the O2K, and when it finally came time to retire it to the storage
room (it had been a "loaner" from SGI.. but ten years later, we dont
think they wanted it back..), I literally had a fire extinguisher
handy for when I powered it up for the last time to copy all the
data off.  You could smell the ozone just coming off it in waves.

As far as I know, that machine is STILL in their storage room, and
I quit working for them in . . 1998?

Was a great place to work, a small engineering firm - I was the only
non-PhD in the place other than the receptionist/secretary/office
manager.  I eventually left because I got bored to death.  My job
was "maintain the computer and network setup for these 17 people".

Cool things about the company:

	- 90% of the employees were from other countries.  They
		bought a TV to put in the break room for the World Cup

	- due to 90% of employees being from other countries, we
		basically got 4 weeks off for Christmas/new years
		*with* pay - since lots of guys went "home"

Bad things:

	- I got paid once a month, on the 10th.  doh!


Bill Bradford
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