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Mon Jun 18 21:08:06 CDT 2001

Brian Hechinger wrote:

> > (4 x 390Z55)
> if they are the kind with 1MB eCache, maybe not super duper speedy, but VERY
> nice (especially to have four)

Yes they are, and yes i is. 'Specially after a SPARC2 and an SLC before
that (the original thin client?).

I took the GX card for the SS20 from the 2, and the NVRAM from the SLC
for the 2 once upon a time.

Anybody want an SLC with no NVRAM? I'm in Baltimore.

> my one sparc20 (the one on my desk) has a 2.1GB drive, and my other sparc20
> (the one that has my home directory on it) has a 4GB and a 9GB drives in it.

Cool. Anyone know how I can move all my data (including boot stuff) from
one drive to another? I've got an 18G Seagate I can swap in to free up
the 9G IBM SCA for the SS20, but I don't want to lose my workstation.

> i think that limit is boot/root size?  i wouldn't know, i'm one of those old
> school guys who believes / should be minimal in size (mine are rarely larger
> than 50MB or 100MB)

Yep. Same here, though I've done a few Red Hat workstations with one big
/ and nothing else. Not bad for a visitor pc that gets wiped every few

> in my humble opinion?  it's multi-CPU so skip NetBSD and Linux.  none of the
> "free" OSes (hey, solaris is free too! *G*) have very good MP support on
> anything but intel if they have it at all.  i'd choose 8 unless you have
> an application that doesn't work on 8, but you don't sound like you are in
> that boat, go with 8.

Good advice. I'll do it. If I can. There's a problem, though. Solaris 8
installer is sitting waiting for me to tell it what language to use. I
can't type. I mentioned yesterday that the machine doesn't seem to take
any keyboard input except "stop-a" until I've "stop-a"d twice. It knows
it has a keyboard, as evidenced from the "Keyboard present" message at
boot. Also, it takes the "stop-a".

Thoughts anyone?

I did get 2.6 to install, and found a badd SIMM in the process. I
reported yesterday that the machine was reporting 240M and 224M
variously. Well, tonight I sat and pulled all the SIMMs and inserted
them one by one to see what they said. I wnded up with 3x64M and 2x 32M
for a total of 256M working and one dead 64M SIMMs. 256M! Woo-hoo!

(Remember, this was FREE!)

> oh yeah baby!!  just installed a full blown with OEM of 8 on my sparc20s. too
> lazy to put the 32x on the server, so i installed on the internal 2x.  luckily

I've got an exernal Sun cdrom. Probably a 2x as well.

> pretty much the same as linux, grill /etc/inetd.conf and remove everything
> you don't need, same for /etc/rc2.d

I found a pretty good security write-up at BigAdmin today. Once I've got
an OS on here, I'll give it a thorough read.

> > appeals to me. Besides, my daughter would really like to have the P3
> > that's doing the job currently.
> heh, she doesn't like Solaris? :)

She's 5. Reader Rabbit don't do unix. :-)

> i ran a sparc5 with a 70Mhz CPU and 128MB ram as a firewall between my entire
> home network (not a small one at that) and the internet over a 1.56Mbps ADSL

Cool. Here we go, then (unless I should get some VSIMMS on ebay and put
this thing on my desk.) or maybe I'll just run X from my linux box (20"
monitor there, only 17" Sun)

> recently upgraded the firewall to dual SM61 sparc10 with 128MB ram since i
> couldn't find an FDDI card that would work in the sparc5, and i wanted my
> firewall/router to hang off of my FDDI backbone.

I've got a simple 10/100 ethernet at home. An SS20 with two 10M cards
will do just fine. I don't think it'll be the bottleneck.

> i guesss what i'm trying to say is: that sparc20 you have should be able to
> very easily handle firewall/web/ftp/mail/dns/etc with no trouble.


> http://coombs.anu.edu.au/ipfilter/


> it's what we are here for. :)

Cool. Hope I can contribute.


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