[rescue] SGI box... what exactly is it?

Jeff Workman rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 18 19:52:30 CDT 2001

Stoned koala bears drooled eucalyptus spit in awe as Matthew Haas exclaimed:

> It's an r4k box... but from what I've read, 6.5.x will run on it...
> interesting thing is, the indigo is never on any of the lists I've read
> that irix 6.4 supports... or is it just expected?

Irix 6.4 only supports a limited set of machines, IIRC these include the 
Octane, Origin, Origin II, and *maybe* the 02, I'd have to go look at the 
documentation that came with my media to see.  If it's an R4K box, I am 
almost certain that 6.5 will run on it.  However, I just installed 6.5 on 
my  R4600 Indy, and I am seriously considering wiping it out and putting 
6.2 back on it.  6.5.11 is dog slow on it.


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