[rescue] WTB: SGI

Dave McGuire rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 18 18:46:45 CDT 2001

On June 18, nick at snowman.net wrote:
> I've seen an SI octane for 1195 or so, 195mhz 256 or 512meg.  Only place
> the i2 beats it is textureing, and pick up a tex module for 875/2 (someone
> was selling two brand new octane tex modules for 875, gah I need
> cash).  Once that is done kiss the i2 g'bye.

  Nope, sorry Nick...benchmarks say otherwise.  See below.  Reprinted
from http://www.futuretech.vuurwerk.nl/gfxtables.html.  Granted I'm
comparing I2 MaxImpact with OctaneSI (the equivalent of SolidImpact)
but the I2 MaxImpact goes for $800 and the OctaneSI goes for $1100-1200.

           -Dave McGuire

                              3D       Flat    Lit GZ   Lit        Lit  
                        X     Depth    Tri     Tri/sec  Tex        GZ   
                      Lines   Cued GZ  Strips           GZ         Indep
                              Lines    No Z             Tri/sec    Quads

O2 R5K/180SC:         2.2M    716K     854K    434K     250K       ?
O2 R5K/200SC:         2.5M    799K     958K    485K     279K       ?
O2 R10K/195SC:        2.8M    894K     1.04M   531K     326K       ?
O2 R10K/250SC:        ?       1.08M    1.24M   665K     394K       ?
I2 XL:                1.59M   205K     288K    52K      N/A        25K
I2 XZ:                441K    452K     408K    181K     N/A        67K
I2 Extreme:           ?       1.0M     645K    405K     N/A        155K
I2 SolidIMP:          3.26M   1.88M    1.5M    1.02M    N/A        ?    
I2 HighIMP:           3.26M   1.88M    1.5M    1.02M    652K       300K 
I2 MaxIMP:            3.26M   2.23M    ?       1.8M     1.6M       600K 
Octane SI:            3.78M   1.37M    1.5M    1.02M    N/A        384K 
Octane SE:            3.80M   ?        ?       1.16M    N/A        480K
Octane SI+T:          3.78M   1.37M    1.5M    1.02M    655K       384K 
Octane SE+T:          3.80M   ?        ?       1.16M    810K       480K
Octane SSI:           3.88M   2.11M    2.67M   1.82M    N/A        687K
Octane SSE:           3.88M   2.29     ?       2.19M    N/A        880K
Octane MXI:           3.88M   2.11M    2.67M   1.82M    1.18M      687K 
Octane MXE:           3.88M   2.29M    ?       2.19M    1.42M      880K 

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