[rescue] SGI Challenge S series

Robert Novak rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 18 18:06:26 CDT 2001

I'm doing some digging on this now, but thought someone here might have
advice. I've got most of a Challenge S machine here... needs PS, memory,
and disk at the moment. Normally a carcass wouldn't interest me so much,
but for $20 I couldn't pass it up.

It appears from
http://www.sgi.com/products/remanufactured/challenge/s_ts.html that it has
two HVD and one SE SCSI interface and two ethernets. Tis a pity; I have no
HVD stuff, but the second ethernet might be useful. 

Does anyone know what sort of RAM this will require, and whether it will
work with a serial console? There's no integrated video, and two mini-DIN
serial ports, so I'm hopeful. 


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