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Williamsport *used* to be a very rich town, then they invented the train ;^)

There were a lot of large houses (Millionaire row), but last I heard they were turning those into Marijuana Factories, with grow lights and poor wiring, eventually they were burning down...

It was a pretty area, but no one ever really *left* - there seemed to be a lot of not quite distant enough cousins marrying, IMHO...


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On Mon, 18 Jun 2001, THOU SPAKE:

> I went to college (for a while) at a school in Central Pennsylvania,
Lycoming College - I think there were about 500 students in the school. > 
> That was a nice school, but I didn't graduate from there - long story - the
campus was very clean, the folks were mostly transplants from NY/NJ - the
locals were a bit scary. >  > 

Hehe.... I was a local. At least I wasn't born there. Did a 4 year stint in the
area. They were long on trailertrash thinking and short on ambition.

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