[rescue] RE: WinNT/2K/98/95 "up times"

Ken Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 18 11:46:25 CDT 2001

I work on a Win NT box at the office, just running basic Office apps, and I reboot at least once a week (by choice), but in my exp. I couldn't really go more than about 10-14 days without a hang/freeze/whatever to ruin my day.

At home I have a Win2K box that I use for most of my web surfing/email/etc., and it *needs* to be rebooted about every two weeks or three weeks. It will just start getting "hinkey" - won't find DNS servers/whatever... So I reboot it about every two weeks.

My wife runs Win98 on her desktop, and it is OK for almost a week (same as Win95, IIRC) before it starts "losing it's religion." Again, odd network problems, screensavers that just freakout, outlook that strats running multiple copies, etc. 

I have a PPro Linux box (Mandrake 7.0 for 21 days, then about 3 weeks at RH 7.0 w/errata CD installed), and it is running fine - I am reluctant to re-install RH to get the second CPU running, but I will this weekend probably...

My Solaris boxes run, and run, and run - but I really don't stress them at all.

So, for lightly used systems, Solaris (2.6 and 2.7 are the most common machines around me) seems quite stable.

Just a few reference points.


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  My DHCPserver here at my house is a Win2k Server box, and even after 
applying the recommended service packs i find that it stops responding to 
the Win98 clients on my network and has to be rebooted about every 2 weeks.


With all this talk about NT and win2k I have a question about Win98 that
maybe somebody here can answer. In my experience with Windows (I've never
used NT or 2k, I'm talking about 98 here) the only way to have the system run
somewhat stable is to reboot the system at least once every 24 hours.

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