[rescue] Parting out an Ultra 2/2300...

Ken Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 18 10:03:34 CDT 2001

(Sorry if this is mime-email, I couldn't find the option to turn it off)

I have an Ultra 2/2300 that I want to sell, and since no one here was interested in the whole machine, I thought I would offer up the parts, starting with the CPUs.

I have dual 300 MHz UltraSPARC CPUs in my Ultra 2, which I'd like to get $375/ea for ($725 for the pair) - including S/H to lower 48, International Shipping available at cost. PayPal prefered, other accepted...

If I sell the CPUs, I will then offer the drive brackets and base system - maybe some RAM too.

But for now, anyone interested in either one or both CPUs, please contact me off list at ken.hansen at icti-usa.com (work email)

(*Geez - I leave for one week, and I come back to nearly 600 emails, most of which are geeks at sunhelp.org and the *digest* of rescue at sunhelp.org! What the hell were you folks up to last week!!!)

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