[rescue] 600MP proms

G W Adkins rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 18 09:06:19 CDT 2001

> > No, Dave should not have to loose any money on this.
> > And he should keep the original proms we buy.  I was
>   I don't need to keep the originals...someone should use them.  My
> eprom programmer has a floppy drive; I can just keep the binary images
> on floppies.  I'd suggest whoever goes through the trouble of ordering
> them should keep/use the originals.
Are people forgetting that there is an "E" in front pf the PROM in EPROM?
if you are patient, you send in the PROMs and just reprogram them.
Or alternately, if you can't afford to have the machine down, and everyone
is willing to take turns and return-mail them promptly, you buy one set of
proms, one set of blanks, and then round-robin them.

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