[rescue] cheap desktops/servers (old thread)

Ken Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 18 09:03:41 CDT 2001

I took advantage of a ludicrus offer at Gateway, and I look forward to getting my new home sever in a few weeks:

	PIII/933 CPU (dual capable, dual VRMs already installed)
	128 Meg RAM
	9 Gig Ultra SCSI
	*dual* Ultra SCSI 160 chains
	10/100 Ethernet
	Soundcard/4 Meg PCI Video/keyboard/mouse
	3 year *on-site* warranty

	$599 + S/H

	$500 + S/H if you only want one year onsite warranty, three year total warranty.

This offer is long gone now, you can see the tale at www.hot-deals.org (I like this site very much)...


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> Frankly, for a single user desktop workstation machine, a <$1000 pc new
> the pants off of anything else you can buy.  Besides, it completely
> what you want to do with it.  Not everyone spends their time recompiling
> kernels.  If for some reason, you want to do some like ... <gasp>... play
> video games, then a nice Alpha doesn't do you much good :)
Agreed. Do one thing. Do it fast. That's what a PC is good for.

Mike N

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