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Seems to me that allowing some variety of liquor would be nice.  For
instance, I would prefer to have some brandy, sake, white wine, red wine,
beer, vanilla, and perhaps some amereto.

But then, maybe the people who would want such things responsibly would
have already moved to their own appartment.

Joshua Boyd

On Mon, 18 Jun 2001, Ken Hansen wrote:

> Bill,
> I went to college (for a while) at a school in Central Pennsylvania, Lycoming College - I think there were about 500 students in the school.
> That was a nice school, but I didn't graduate from there - long story - the campus was very clean, the folks were mostly transplants from NY/NJ - the locals were a bit scary.
> They had frats - but instead of buildings, each frat had one *half* of a dorm floor, along with a lounge (20-25' square room).
> Oh, and the liquor policy was very reasonable - each student could have *either* one bottle of hard liquor (a fifth) or one six pack of beer in their room, that's it - and frats were *allowed* to get (something like) 20 kegs for the *year*, only 2 or 3 for each social function.
> Ken
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> On Fri, Jun 15, 2001 at 04:32:09PM -0400, Al Potter wrote:
> > You obviously pledged the wrong fraternity.....  This was NOT an issue in our 
> > house.
> This was a small school, about 3000 *total* students.  
> Also a town in the middle of bible-belt Oklahoma.
> Bill
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