[rescue] SGI box... what exactly is it?

Björn Ramqvist rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 18 03:56:31 CDT 2001

James Sharp wrote:
> > If you wait, keyboards do show up on ebay.  Apparently you can also use an
> > Onyx keyboard, although that doesn't sound right to me.  I've never double
> > checked this, but the keyboard on my schools onyx looks like a regular
> > PS2 keyboard.
> They look just like a PS/2 keyboard and the connectors are physically
> compatible...but they just wont work.  You can get a new keyboard, mouse,
> and cable from any of the SGI resellers (www.reputable.com comes to mind).

I *think* it's pure serial, as where PS/2 has different signals. The
Personal IRIS even had DB9 connectors for keyboard/mouse.


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