[rescue] FTP Server Reccomendation?

Greg A. Woods rescue at sunhelp.org
Sun Jun 17 16:53:24 CDT 2001

[ I wrote: ]
> However never fear!  NetBSD ftpd can do at least part of what you want.

Note that NetBSD ftpd isn't just for NetBSD any more (though of course
the one from the main source tree should just drop in and compile on any
other *BSD, especially OpenBSD).  It's also available as an easy-to-port
package for other Unix and Unix-like systems:


IMNSHO NetBSD ftpd is probably one of the more secure full-featured FTP
daemons around too (based on my knowledge of the code, and my
observations of BUGTRAQ and CERT reports on FTP daemons).

It's nice and small too, as explained by the programmer who's done most
of the recent work on it (and after whom it is named, Luke Mewburn):

	lukemftpd provides around 90% of the functionality of wuftpd, but in
	approximately 30% of the footprint.

It's also copyright under the *BSD-style licensing, not GPL!  ;-)

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