[rescue] cheap desktops/servers (old thread)

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    The forums.anandtech.com site has a hot deals forum which typically
beats many other places to the punch.  Check with gateway about the machine,
you can still get it if you order it over the phone (as I understand), but
most people will not be recieving their server until september, as Gateway
ran out of motherboards and power supplies,
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> I took advantage of a ludicrus offer at Gateway, and I look forward to
getting my new home sever in a few weeks:
> PIII/933 CPU (dual capable, dual VRMs already installed)
> 128 Meg RAM
> 9 Gig Ultra SCSI
> *dual* Ultra SCSI 160 chains
> 10/100 Ethernet
> Soundcard/4 Meg PCI Video/keyboard/mouse
> 3 year *on-site* warranty
> $599 + S/H
> $500 + S/H if you only want one year onsite warranty, three year total
> This offer is long gone now, you can see the tale at www.hot-deals.org (I
like this site very much)...
> Ken
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> > Frankly, for a single user desktop workstation machine, a <$1000 pc new
> beats
> > the pants off of anything else you can buy.  Besides, it completely
> depends
> > what you want to do with it.  Not everyone spends their time recompiling
> > kernels.  If for some reason, you want to do some like ... <gasp>...
> > video games, then a nice Alpha doesn't do you much good :)
> >
> Agreed. Do one thing. Do it fast. That's what a PC is good for.
> Mike N
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