[rescue] howto make multiple main boards work on a Sun Sparc 670/MP

Bill Bradford rescue at sunhelp.org
Sat Jun 16 20:54:45 CDT 2001

On Sun, Jun 17, 2001 at 02:21:11AM +0100, Paul Sladen wrote:
> Can someone explain this `Frat' system you have in the US, I saw a 5minute
> slot of British TV the other night, and now I'm totally confused; before
> that I didn't even know they existed, and after that program, the best that
> comes to mind is `gang bang'.  Um... sounds interesting? ;-)

Ever seen "Animal House"?  Well, in real life, its nothing like that.

Basically a system of fraternal clubs/organizations, some are local
chapters (only at that school) and some are national (with a chapter at
many major schools).  I'm a member of Phi Lambda Chi (altho inactive;
I left school in '95).  Web site is at http://www.philambdachi.org/.

Kinda hard to explain.  Do a google search for +"national fraternity"
and look at some of the links.. 


Bill Bradford
mrbill at mrbill.net
Austin, TX

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