[rescue] Cray J90 -- Miamisbug, Ohio

Larry Snyder rescue at sunhelp.org
Sat Jun 16 12:50:36 CDT 2001

Howdy --
I just got back from looking over the ebay machine in Ohio.  Here's
my generic impressions, having never seen one of these before.

The machine has one processor & two memory boards.  The scuffing on
the nameplate is just that, and not as bad as it looks in the photos.
There are no unaccounted-for card slots in either cage (all empty slots
have blank covers).  Mating power connectors are on the ends of the
power cables.  Anything that was disconnected was done so in a
civilized manner without cutters.  The only storage is a 4mm tape
below the vme cage.  It has no disks.  The IOP appears to be an
embedded Sparc in the vme cage, whose ethernet is available to the
outside world next to what looks to be 68-pin scsi.  From the rack
hardware, it looks like there may have been some disk shelves below the
vme cage.  There were no asset tags that I could see.  The owner told me
it came from the East coast.

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