[rescue] 600MP proms

Dave McGuire rescue at sunhelp.org
Sat Jun 16 12:44:16 CDT 2001

On June 16, Cookie wrote:
> No, Dave should not have to loose any money on this.
> And he should keep the original proms we buy.  I was

  I don't need to keep the originals...someone should use them.  My
eprom programmer has a floppy drive; I can just keep the binary images
on floppies.  I'd suggest whoever goes through the trouble of ordering
them should keep/use the originals.

>   The pisser in my mind with Bridgepoint is they
> bought Ross because they needed chip fabrication
> experience/facilities, and want nothing to do with
> the old Hypersparc stuff, other than sell off the
> old inventory.

  Yes, that blows dog.

  How are their prices on the HyperSPARC modules, though?  Are they

>    Although it did do a very cool thing when I first installed it.
> It went through a "discovery process" that I am at a loss to
> get it to repeat. (if anyone knows a command I can run to
> make it do it again, i could really use it )  It looked for and
> initialized memory by Bank (1-12)
> looked for scsi and ipi devices and several other
> cool things that bridgepoint has no idea about.

  Neat.  It probably set a flag somewhere in the nvram to keep it from
doing it again.

> >I have version 2.14 that I can yank to be replicated. Can anyone confirm
> >which procs work with this, ie, is it new enough to bother, or should we
> >still buy the Bridegepoints?
> >
> >Definitely count me in either way.

  If we're going to do this, I don't think it makes much sense to do
it with anything other than the latest release available.  I'm willing
to dupe the EPROMs either way, though, this is just a suggestion.

           -Dave McGuire

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