[rescue] 600MP proms

Martin Wedel rescue at sunhelp.org
Sat Jun 16 02:02:49 CDT 2001

On Sat, 16 Jun 2001, Dan Debertin wrote:

> Mentions 2.14.3 .. might that be what you have? I'm not sure if the PROM
> banner is showing the entire version number, or truncating it. The MBus
> FAQ says I need 2.10.3 to run SM51s, and here I am running, if my PROM
> banner were to be believed, 2.10, without issues with that module.
> It appears from that chart that the only higher release from 2.14 is
> 2.14(H), which enables some of the 180MHz HyperSPARC modules. Since I
> don't plan on spending that kind of cash on MBus modules anytime soon, it
> doesn't matter to me.
> I wonder though -- how backwards-compatible are these PROM revisions? I
> would hope that I wouldn't lose the ability to run SuperSPARC CPUs (eg
> SM51) with this later version. I assume that they DTRT and made it
> backwards-compatible, but ... don't know if I should be making that
> assumption.

I'm not 100% positive on the .3 part. I'll have my roomate double check
this weekend. I just moved to Denver, and haven't yet brought my toys
out. For the record, I run the quad SM-51s, so backwards compatibility
shouldn't be an issue.

Assuming everything else, if 2.14.x will work, I can get them pulled in the next
few days and mailed to Dave to be copied.

/Martin Wedel
sun at minor-element.net

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