[rescue] AT&T VME machine?

Dave McGuire rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 15 21:44:31 CDT 2001

On June 15, Hatle, Steven J. wrote:
> With dual 5 1/4" floppies? In a previous life we ran everything from  3B1's,
> 3B2's the 386 WGS' through the StarServer E's- as well as NCR towers. 

 I dunno...it just looks more..."modern" than the NCR stuff in my
fading memory.  Not sure about that at all, though..

> This just doesn't have that AT&T/NCR "feel"- though I can't pass myself off
> as an expert on all the product lines.  .  . 

  Yeah...I can't quite figure it out either...though I've little
experience with AT&T stuff aside from 3B1s and smaller 3B2s.


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