[rescue] SGI box... what exactly is it?

Matthew Haas rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 15 19:59:02 CDT 2001

On Fri, 15 Jun 2001, Joshua D. Boyd wrote:
> Media isn't too hard to come buy for that box. It is either a r3k machine,
> which case the best you can get is irix 5.3.  If it is an r4k or r4.4k
> machine, then the best you can get is irix 6.4.

cool... I haven't powered it up yet, but I'm sure there'll be a root
password that I don't know. Unless there are easy methods of

> r3k machines aren't very good, unless you love them.  If it is an r4k
> machine, than it is significantly faster than an indy.

>From some further research, it appears to be a:

33MHz Mips R3000A processor with R3010A FPU

So as you suggested, it will be a slower machine. But one of my primary
boxen right now is a SPARC LX, and I LOVE that, so I guess I'm all set :)

> You didn't mention.  Do you have the keyboard for it?  It uses a
> proprietary keyboard to that machine only.

No, I just got the case... missing one of the front panels at that... How
much luck am I going to have hooking the SGI's 13W3 up to my monitor that
I also use my LX on? I remember something about one of the signals was
different. I have an NEC MultiSync 5FG as well as a Sun 16" monitor.

I hope the keyboards don't cost too much, it would be great to get the box

I don't suppose I could hook a terminal up to the serial port and do
things that-a-way? :)

Also, are those things that look like SBUS slots really SBUS slots, or are
they an SGI look-alike?

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