[rescue] Taking it out on yer machine.....(:+}}...

James Fogg rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 15 16:11:20 CDT 2001

Reminds me of the Smack-N-Toss, a Macintosh 128 "doll" that was meant for
relieving frustration.

On Fri, 15 Jun 2001, THOU SPAKE:
> > This reminds me of a toy that a coworker of mine found on his desk, left
> > by an anonymous coworker, at my former place of employment.  It was
> > called the "Hacker Whacker" and was a hammer, engraved with the words
> > "Hacker Whacker."  The humor was in the manual for it. (Unfortunately, I
> > can't remember what was in it, but I remember having a good laugh over
> > it) The box claimed that it fixed a wide variety of computer problems.
> > :) From the looks of things, it was probably made around the time people
> > were complaining about their 386's, but I think the frustration is
> > universal. (at least with PC's) 
> There was one advertised in the early Bytes (1980 or thereabouts)
> called a ``Byte Bat'', used specifically fer taking yer frustrations
> out on the newfangled computer thingy.  I always wanted one of those....
> A friend who had this vacuum tube monster, used a big rubber mechanic's
> mallet on it, now an' then, when a certain power up sequence relay would
> stick.  One firm wack on the side of the beastie, and up it came.
> 1000 pounds of instantaneous blinkenlights.....
> Something to be said for judicial application of requisite horsepower
> at appropriate times, to electronic devices..... followed by a stiff
> cognac.....(:+}}...
> Bob
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