[rescue] 600MP proms

Cookie rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 15 15:51:53 CDT 2001

I just posted the info from bridgepoint on the
   I might be willing to front the cost of the proms
if you would be willing to work somthing out.
I could use some spares myself.
  What is the cost to burn a set of 4? from your end?

>  Did anybody have any luck finding newer bootproms for the 600MP boards?
>  Looks like Sunstore took them down (part #555-1200)  and Memoryx doesn't
>  list them. I haven't even looked at mine lately (one's in a 330 chassis
>  hidden behind an Alphaserver 600, the other is in a closet behind a cat
>  cage (discussions on cats to pets at sunhelp please! :) ).

   I'm willing to dupe 'em for people if someone finds a newer

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