[rescue] howto make multiple main boards work on a Sun Sun 670/MP

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Fri Jun 15 15:45:38 CDT 2001

Did anybody have any luck finding newer bootproms for the 600MP boards?
Looks like Sunstore took them down (part #555-1200)  and Memoryx doesn't
list them. I haven't even looked at mine lately (one's in a 330 chassis
hidden behind an Alphaserver 600, the other is in a closet behind a cat
cage (discussions on cats to pets at sunhelp please! :) ).

new proms are available, but expensive from Bridgpoint (who bought Ross)
I am enclosing the letter i received from them
I paid the $138 and am very happy with the product, shellshocked 
about the price
but happy with the product =-}

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Ok the boot proms is $100.00 plus shipping so your looking at about $125.00
so. We do take AMX so I need the number and the info as it is on the card
the bill address of the card.
  We will ship as soon as we get an ok on the card.

The Part Number is 522-0006-00 for a 600 MP server.

Thanks again,

Joe Palmberg

		800 652 5621
		cookie at tfs.net
		ICQ 29826792
		AIM u8acookie 

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