[rescue] who cares what the subject is now anyway?

Brian Dunbar rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 15 13:52:56 CDT 2001

> One employer explained the degree expectation this way.  He said that it
> shows you can stick something out, even when it is hard and/or
> unreasonable (like having to take a phys ed class to get a college
> diploma).
> That is why many places want you to have a degree, even if it is totally
> unrelated.

Mmmm, then this means that 10 years Active Duty Army, assigned to combat
arms units, should be the equivalent of.... oh.... a PhD?

No, I disagree...  Most employers want a sheepskin because they think it
weeds out the terminally clueless and or worthless.  Unfortunately, most
colleges have programs where even these people can 'do their time' and come
away with a degree.  (After all, it would be discriminatory to deny someone
a college diploma just because they were "intellectually challenged." )

FWIW - I've been told the same thing when being interviewed.  A degree
didn't indicate any degree of smarts or learning, just that you'd put your
head down and get something acomplished.  The guy said that he'd be more
than willing to let my eight years active duy in the Marines count.   THEN
he offered me a job, then the company filed for Chapter 11 the week after.
S*** happens.	brian

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