[rescue] ISDN

Kevin Loch rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 15 13:51:58 CDT 2001

All you need is the Sun ISDN software package and an extern al NT-1.

I've used ISDN on an LX and it worked fine.  It was a bit faster
on an SS5 with the ISDN Sbus card though.

Speaking of ISDN Sbus card, I'd like to use the 16 bit audio on it
but the driver complains obout not being able to talk to the speakerbox.

Does the speakerbox have A/D and D/A in it?  I figured I could just use
the audio in and out pins on the HD15 connector which I assumed existed.


"Sheldon T. Hall" wrote:
> Folks-
> Could someone refresh my memory as to what is required to enable and use the
> ISDN arrangements on a SPARCstation LX?
> I'm moving back to the Seattle area, but to a part of Bainbridge Island
> where ISDN is the fastest 'net access available.  There will be xDSL there
> Real Soon Now, but for now, ISDN will be the best I can get.
> I know I need the Sun ISDN package and an NT-1, but, beyond that, I'm
> clue-deficient.  Any information and all offers of help appreciated.
> -Shel
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