[rescue] howto make multiple main boards work on a Sun Sparc

BSD Bob the old greybeard BSD freak rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 15 13:36:41 CDT 2001

> > > you haven't lived until you've seen a DS-10 blow through a NetBSD kernel
> > > compile in 48 seconds.
> > 
> > Grumble... grumble....  and the same compile on an MVII crate at 0.9 vups
> > takes 24+ hours!  Grumble....grumble....
> > 
> > I would think the machine was broken, if it compiled in 48 seconds!
> > 
> > Some folks have all the luck.....
>   But your MVII has more personality than even James' DS10.

Yeah, that is why I keep it around.  It is fun to run up a Tahoe or
an Ultrix32m or a NetBSD-1.2 on it and watch it fly.  It is like a
comfy end table, that heats the shack, in winter, and really ain't
all that slow on those early suites.  A kernel compile in Tahoe
is 15 minutes (must be a gcc feature of later times that takes the
24+ hours in NetBSD)!

>   You know, Bob...KA650/655 boards aren't difficult to come by...speed
> that machine up by a factor of three...

The 650 and 660 cpus are in my other machines.  The reason I keep the
630 cpu around is that it runs the TK50s with fewer errors than on the
faster cpu's, in my hands....timing issues that still need some bit of
twiddling, methinks.

   But, if anyone has a spare Qbus scsi controller about, that would
   rescue the machine considerably, from esdi hell.

48 seconds to compile kernel.... nah, that must be a pipe dream!
I blinked!  Are we done yet?



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