[rescue] Re: [geeks] THIS. MAKES. ME. SICK.

Devin L. Ganger rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 15 13:03:21 CDT 2001

On Fri, Jun 15, 2001 at 09:00:31AM -0500, Patrick Giagnocavo wrote:
> The $250 offer still stands, with the exception that RAM in the system be
> 512MB instead of 128MB, per Mike's comment on W2K.
> Heck, I'll keep my system @256MB, and OBSD will STILL schtupp your W2K
> box :-)

Cool.  Let's make that $250 per every 512MB of RAM and every processor.

Let's make it an 8-way 4GB RAM box.  That's, oh, $2,000.  And let's toss
some fibre channel drive arrays on it.

Which one is going to take best advantage of those resources?  Lessee, I
don't think that OpenBSD is even SMP, is it?  Looks like it's time for
OpenBSD to, well, open up.

If you cannot see (or refuse to acknowledge) that different tools meet
different needs and solve different problems, then there's really
nothing more to say.

Devin L. Ganger <devin at thecabal.org>
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su -c someone 'export UP_US=thebomb'
for f in great justice ; do sed -e 's/zig//g' < $f ; done

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